matrices transform into the new basis vector set

이번 글에서는 어떤 좌표계에서 basis였던 벡터들을 다른 좌표계로 변환시키는 방법에 대하여 배워보려고 합니다. 자 그러면...

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Symmetry of dot product

이번 글에서는 dot product의 기하학적인 대칭에 대하여 간단하게 보겠습니다. 임의의 벡터 \(\hat{v}\)와 유닛 벡터를 dot...

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Eienstein summation convention

이번 글에서는 Eienstein summation convention에 대하여 간략하게 다루어 보겠습니다. summation을 조금 더 간편하게 표기하기 위한...

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Operation on vectors

How matrices transform space Types of matrix transformation Composition or combination of matrix transformation

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Changing the reference frame

Basis is a set of n vectors that : are not linear combinations of each...

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JSON Serialize

JSON Serialization through ModelSerializer In django-rest-framework(DRF), first transform original data to convertible data in JSONRender...

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shallow neural network

Explanation for vectorized implementation In this lecture, we study vectorized implementation. It’s simple. with vetorization,...

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Good Code Style Tip

Divide code by function in long code Under 25 lines including comments Divide code by...

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