How to solve unable to login problem.

How to solve unable to login problem.

2018, Oct 23    

The log-in problem we will handle maybe happens in NOOBS OS.

If you have a problem unable to login even though you enter correct ID/Password. Maybe you are in infinite loops of log in.


In this case, follow below procedure.

  1. Boot your Rsapberry Pi.

  2. If you are now in the log-in form, enter Ctrl+Alt+F1(or F2).

  3. Log-in with your accounts(normally, user : pi, password : raspberry)

  4. You can access the Raspberry-pi then, open a terminal.

  5. Type cd ~

  6. Type la -A You will now see which files are in your home directory. Look if you see a file called .Xauthority.

  7. Type mv .Xauthority .Xauthority.backup

  8. Type sudo chmod 777 /home/pi

  9. Type sudo reboot

That’s it! You solve the problem.