DRF Pagination

DRF Pagination

2018, Nov 04    

What is pagination?

If there are too many records in a list, it’s better to avoid requesting only one API. In this case, you can seperate the requests in several pages. And DRF(Django RestFramework) support this pagination.

  • PageNumberPagination : Pagination with page parameters
    • http://api.example.org/accounts/?page=4
    • http://api.example.org/accounts/?page=4&page_size=100
  • LimitOffsetPagination : Pagination with limit parameter
    • http://api.example.org/accounts/?limit=100
    • http://api.example.org/accounts/?offset=400&limit=100

In rest_framework/generics.py, GeneericAPIView has pagination_class = PageNumberPagination setting. But from Ver. 3.7.0, this setting has been change to pagination_class = None.

Accordingly, There is no pagination process because PAGE_SIZE is None.

If you want to apply pagination, there are two options.

  • apply pagination globally

In Project/settings.py, set option below. set the specific PAGE_SIZE.


  • apply pagination at API
# application/pagination.py
from rest_framework.pagination import PageNumberPagination

class PostPageNumberPagination(PageNumberPagination):
    page_size = 20
# application/views.py
from .pagination import PostPageNumberPagination

class PostViewSet(viewsets.ModelViewSet):
    pagination_class = RestaurantPageNumberPagination

You can set default pagination in globally and additionally set another pagination API by API.